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You Should Get A New Battery For Your Cellphone If You’re Noticing These Signs

Posted by Frank Giordani on

Smartphones or cellphones are electronic devices. Like all other electronic devices, they too become less functional with time. One of the clear ways of knowing this is noticing a decline in the performance of your cellphone’s battery. Poor performance of the battery does not always mean you need to get a new smartphone. In most cases, getting a new battery will make your cellphone perform well. But, how do you know its time to replace your old cellphone battery? For this, we have listed down some points. Looking at them will give you an idea when you should get a new battery. Let’s take a look at those points.

  • One of the most evident sign of an old battery is you need to charge it frequently. If you find yourself charging your phone multiple times throughout the day, it is obvious your phone’s battery needs to be replaced. Modern cellphone batteries are now built to last throughout the day even if users do some gaming, chatting, and movie-watching on their smartphones. But if you need to charge your smartphone in the middle of the day or multiple times in a day, it’s time to get a new cellphone battery in Collegeville, PA for your phone.
  • You can also get an idea whether your cellphone’s battery has become old or not by calculating how many times you’ve charged it since you owned the phone. Majority of the people charge their cellphone at least once in a day, so we can say you have charged the battery around 350 times in a year. Now, the average cellphone battery is built to last from 300 to 500 charging cycles. So, be ready to notice some reduction in performance when you enter around 18 to 24 month mark.
  • Many smartphone owners, after owing it for a couple of years, notice that their cellphone’s battery does not hold a full charge, or we can say it does not get charged to 100 hundred percent even if they let it remain plugged into the charger for hours. This is a clear sign that the battery has become incapable of holding a charge and needs to be replaced.
  • While most smartphones in the market become hot when you do heavy gaming or use a heavy app on them, if your smartphone’s battery gets hot even if you are doing normal browsing or doing normal stuff on your phone, then take this as a sign that indicate toward some issue with your phone’s battery. Apart from this, if your phone’s battery gets hot while being plugged into the charger, this too is a sign of problem with the battery.

Buying a new phone will cost you some money. If everything else is fine in your cellphone and battery seems like the only problem, getting a new battery from Equipment Blowouts Inc. would be the best decision. We have cellphone batteries for sale in Collegeville, PA of top brands such as Nokia, OnePlus, LG, Apple, SONY, and many other brands. For all your cellpone parts, covers, chargers, and of course, battery requirements, look no further than Equipment Blowouts Inc.

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