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3 Signs That Tell Your Phone’s Battery Needs Replacement

Posted by Frank Giordani on

Nowadays, smartphones are expensive, whether you buy a Samsung, iPhone, or any other brand. This is why most people want their smartphones to stay in the best of the condition and last longer than ever. To ensure that, they generally take measures such as putting on a durable case, guarding the screen, buying phone insurance, and whatnot. However, little do they realize that their phone’s battery is also an indispensable part of the gadget without which it can’t run or maybe be considered dead. They tend to forget that the battery has a limited lifespan, which needs replacement once it has completed its recharge cycles. 

Using a battery that has or is about to die can significantly impact your phone’s performance and degrade your experience. Eventually, you will have to buy cell phone batteries in Collegeville, PA, but it’s better to you get it replaced before it poses any threat to the phone’s performance. 

Here are a few signs that tell it’s time to replace your phone’s battery:

Dying fast even when fully charged

One of the most common signs of dying batteries is losing charge-holding capacity. When a battery is about to finish its recharge cycle counts, it takes more time to charge than usual and drains faster than expected. If this is happening to your phone, it’s time that you get a battery and cell phone battery chargers for sale in Collegeville, PA.


While overheating is okay when you open heavy apps or perform tasks that consume more battery power, such as playing Call of Duty Mobile, editing videos, etc., if your phone overheats even when you are using it normally, it could mean that the battery wants to say goodbye, and you should buy a mobile battery in Collegeville, PA.

Bulging battery

A bulged battery, if not replaced timely, can damage your phone and lead to a costly repair. If you notice your phone's screen unseating itself from the frame, it means that the battery is swollen, pushing the phone screen upward. Battery bulging is most often caused by overcharging or using an incompatible charger. To avoid this, use the right charger. For xample, if you have an iPhone, always buy genuine iPhone chargers in Collegeville, PA.

If you are looking for cell phone batteries for sale in Collegeville, PA, or want to buy a samsung mobile charger in Collegeville, PA, feel free to contact us or explore our store.

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