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Motorola BK71 Standard Battery

Motorola BK71 Standard Battery

  • $17.99

Motorola BK71 Standard For Battery

This battery is compatible with the following Motorola phone models

  • Manufacturer Model
    Motorola ADVENTURE
    Motorola Blend
    Motorola Buzz
    Motorola Buzz Plus
    Motorola CLUTCH
    Motorola i335
    Motorola I465
    Motorola I680
    Motorola i686
    Motorola i876
    Motorola IC402
    Motorola IC502
    Motorola IC602
    Motorola RENEGADE
    Motorola SNN5793
    Motorola V750
    Motorola V950
    Nextel Blend
    Nextel Buzz
    Nextel Buzz Plus
    Nextel i296
    Nextel i680 Brute
    Nextel i686 Brute
    Nextel IC402
    Nextel IC502
    Nextel IC602

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