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three reasons to have your phone screen fixed today

Posted by Frank Giordani on

Today’s smartphones are not as sturdy as Nokia 3310 of the past. Those old phones would fall on the ground, you would simply pick them up, dust them off, and continue to use them. The same cannot be said for the smartphones of present times no matter how much mobile phone companies vouch them to be strong. Of course, there are exceptions but they are quite rare.

In most cases, smartphones’ screen is made of acrylic or glass, both of which are known for getting cracked or broken if the phone falls to the ground or experiences strong impact. Apart from bringing down the appearance of the phone, a cracked screen poses some serious problems. You should not use use your smartphone if its screen is broken. Even Samsung, which is one of the best smartphone companies in the world, advises users to stop using a smartphone with a broken screen. Why is this advised? Let’s find out.

  • Often users think that they can continue to use their broken smartphone for a long time without getting it fixed. This is not true at all as the first malfunction that will take place in a broken smartphone is reduced touch screen capacity. Your phone will not respond to finger gesture like it used to, and in some cases, it may stop responding completely. Things such as finger oils, debris, dust, etc. can too slowly enter inside your phone through the cracks, which will surely damage your phone even further

  • If you do not want to get splinters on your fingers, then avoid using a smartphone with cracked screen. Many smartphone users have damaged their fingers while swiping across a broken screen. So, be smart and take your smartphone to the nearest repair shop to get your phone’s screen replaced

  • How do you clean your smartphone’s screen? Most people clean it using a damp cloth. With a cracked screen, you cannot clean your phone and if you do, liquid will easily seep through the cracks and cause your beloved phone to short circuit. Other elements can also make their way inside the phone

Apart from these, you will also experience eyesore if you watch content or read articles on a cracked screen. Our advice to Samsung smartphone users with a cracked phone screen is to immediately get their phones repaired. There are reputed repair shops that specialize in Samsung cell phone screen repair in Collegeville, PA. Equipment Blowout Inc. is one of those reputed repair shops. You can get your broken screen repaired from us, and if need be, we can replace it as well. We also sell top-quality smartphone case and cover such as Pelican Progear Protector Galaxy S6. Feel free to check out our other cases, covers, etc.

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