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Big News!!! Verizon Changes there mind again changing the 3g end date to April 1 2019

Posted by Frank Giordani on

Big News !!!   Is the end of 3g really coming

I would like to inform you that a lot of the Verizon reseller stores received information that was incorrect from Verizon Corporate. If your local verizon store tells you they can not activate your device, please call Verizon corporate at 800.922.0204 and give them the serial number. they should activate it for you without any issues. We have not had any customers not be able to activate them, however some customers are reporting that they had to call 2-3 times before they got an agent to activate the device. They are activating 3G devices until April 1 2019. Verizon is going to be shutting down the 3G network, however it will not be for another 18 months,after April 1 2019. These dates are tentative and usually they are extended past the 18 months. So as of today's date, all 3G devices will work for another 2 full years as long as they are activated by April 1 2019. 

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