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Apple iPod Touch 32GB 4th Generation PC544LL/A  A1367 Grade B

Apple iPod Touch 32GB 4th Generation PC544LL/A A1367 Grade B

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Apple iPod Touch 32 GB 4th Generation PC544LL A1367

Package includes: Grade B

1. ipod touch

1 Charging Device


Like earlier iPod touch models, the iPod touch (4th Generation) is in many ways a "phone-less" version of the iPhone available at the time of its release, in this case the Iphone 4

The iPod touch (4th Generation) also lacks the 3G/EDGE mobile phone networking capability, A-GPS (it does support mapping by triangulating position via Wi-Fi hotspots, though), and the digital compass, and has a lower quality roughly 0.70 megapixel rear camera without a flash, too.

Otherwise, however, the iPod touch (4th Generation) is largely similar to its often contract-encumbered brethren, and includes a 3.5" 960x640 (326 ppi) "Retina display," (albeit non-IPS), FaceTime video calling functionality -- via Apple ID or e-mail address rather than exclusively phone numbers -- using the integrated microphone and front-facing VGA camera, iMovie editing support and 3-axis gyroscope, as well as 720p recording capability (again, using a lower-quality camera).

Like the iPhone 4, the iPod touch (4th Gen) is powered by an Apple A4 processor but it only has 256 MB of RAM (rather than 512 MB), and 8 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB of storage (rather than 16 GB or 32 GB like the iPhone 4). Battery life is an Apple-estimated 40 hours of playback for music and 7 hours of playback for video.



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