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THE TITAN WIFI Hotspot 2.4" Touchscreen 4g LTE And GSM Mobile Networks

  • $451.00
  • Save $382


The Titan

A new generation Wi-Fi hotspot that is small but powerful.

It comes with a 2.4” touchscreen allowing users to monitor your data usage 24/7.

The Titan is equipped with built in Dynamic Switching technology for congestion monitoring and instant network prioritization.

This device is ultimate reliability.

The Titan is engineered to utilize 3 different 4G LTE GSM mobile networks.

What makes this different:

Global mainstream frequency band

Slim design


Supports 1 nano SIM

Up to 10 Wi-Fi connections

3000mAh Battery

With more than 10 hour of continuous use the Titan automatically finds the strongest signal from the top three mobile providers in the country, and utilizes that signal to consistently offer you the fastest possible connection to the internet even as your driving down the highway! 

The Titan is not just a name its a way of life!


Monthly plan price:

Your first month is included with this cost of THE TITAN

This plan works on one CDMA and two GSM carriers.

One Plan one bill three great services.

GB Per Month

Plan Price












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