Motorola V325 Verizon prepaid CDMA Flip Cellular Phone

  • $51.99


Motorola V325 Verizon Page Plus CDMA Flip Cellular Phone 


This basic clamshell CDMA camera phone is similar to the V265 / V276, but with a much larger display and a stylish design with a unique light-up outer bezel. Key features include a VGA camera, speakerphone, BREW, MMS, and speaker-independent voice dialing.


CDMA 2G / 3G
850 MHz / band 5 / BC0   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)
1900 MHz / band 2 / BC1   PCS (Americas)

850 MHz / band 5   Cellular (Americas, Oceania, Brazil, Israel)

 Package Contains:   Phone,  Battery, Charger, $30.00 Verizon prepaid plan



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